Michel & Pratt Consulting, Inc.

Professional Software of Tomorrow, Today.

With over 30 years of in-house programming expertise in the development, implementation, and on going support of software applications for business, industry, and government applications, and over 450 active clients, Michel and Pratt Consulting, Inc. is one of the largest software developers/vendors in Louisiana. Every day approximately 1,800 individual users of Michel & Pratt's application's, count on our software and our support to run an efficient business, practice or city court!

If you are interested in custom software, a team of highly qualified Software Developers will assess your software needs and develop an efficient, stable, and user friendly application in the shortest wait time possible.

Our software applications are customized to suit the needs of many facets of business, industry, and government entities. We currently sell and support three software packages in two vertical markets:

Our Quick-Court software, both Civil, Criminal and Probation applications, are powerful, fast and reliable Windows-based software packages designed to handle the everyday needs of the courts. Please click on the links above to learn more about these systems, and please inquire how to have your violators pay for your new Court House software system, simply by using our On Line Ticket Payments!

In the medical field, Quick-MD is a well known and full featured Practice Management System. We specialize in managing patient information, scheduling, accounts receivables, electronic filing of insurance claims and all of the additional practice management tools necessary to run an efficient medical office.

An experienced Support Team is ready and available to assist you with any questions.